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  • To deal with policy matters relating to AYUSH systems
  • To deal with HR matters, e.g., appointments, postings, etc.
  • To deal with matters on AYUSH Drugs and Drug Standards
  • To regulate admissions in all AYUSH education institutions
  • To implement State Schemes – provide AYUSH Services, AYUSH Health Care, manage Government AYUSH education institutions
  • To implement CSS :- NAM
    • Enhance coverage of health care system through cost-effective AYUSH Services, focusing on core competency areas of AYUSH through upgrading AYUSH Hospitals and Dispensaries;
    • Co-location of AYUSH facilities at PHCs, CHCs, District Hospitals;
    • Setting up of 50-bedded Integrated AYUSH Hospitals;
    • Promote AYUSH systems for holistic healthcare;
    • Establish AYUSH at all levels in health care system;
    • Focus on preventive and curative health care through AYUSH.

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