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Ayurveda, Unani Medical System and Naturopathy Medical Board (MP)

01. Establishment and formation: -After disintegrating Central Provinces and Barar Ayurveda and Unani Practitioners Act, 1947 (Number 4, 1948)Madhya Bharat Indigenous Medicine Legislative, 2007 (No. 28, 1952), Medical Practitioners Registration Act, 1935 (Bhopal Act No. 7, 1935) and Mahakaushan Board of Ayurveda and the Unanimedical system Jabalpur, Using the powers given in Madhya Pradesh Ayurveda, Unani medical system and Naturopathy board Act 1970 Section of the Medical Board 3(1), this board had been established on 24.04.1971 by Government of Madhya Pradesh.

02. Examination: -Board formerly AVSM (Ayurveda Scientists) conducted the Five Year degree course of examination, whose last batch ended in 1984.

03. Registration:-The main function of the Board isto register, schedule of valid qualifications provided under Section 2 "H" of Madhya Pradesh Ayurveda, Unani and Naturopathic Businessmen Act 1970 (No. 5 1971) and the qualifying criteria mentioned in the schedule of valid qualifications given in the Indian Medical Central Council Act 1970.